Ethash Donation Program (EDP) 24 / 7 Donation Supports Will be Running everyday, after 24 hours circulation, mean there will be Every-Day Donation during the circulations market, from Market, our obligation program and even from the Fee after-Mining.And will be more and more from the circulation percentage.1% to even 25% after Circulation from each market will be count as donations for those in need.This Program is purely from the agreement we have made.
Happiness is the Greatest Gift to others

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Ethash Community Program (ECP) Community Program will run in the Community Social Media !
There will be Announcement every months. For Ethash or Ethash Miner Program in Community Social Media

••••••• (1) Ethash XT Cloud Mining

Ethash XT Cloud Mining, are the Services where you can Buy this Cloud Mining Services to get Daily's Reward until the Subscriptions ended.

X1T Price : 17.5 HETHSubscription : 1 MonthEnergy Consumption (Daily) : 0.174 HETMMining Profit (Daily) : 0.68 HETM
X3T Price : 105 HETHSubscription : 2 MonthEnergy Consumption (Daily) : 0.87 HETMMining Profit (Daily) : 1.421 HETM
X7T Price : 495 HETHSubscription : 3 MonthEnergy Consumption (Daily) : 1.41 HETMMining Profit (Daily) : 5.93 HETM
XRevorT Price : 1000 HETHSubscription : 1 YearEnergy Consumption (Daily) : 4.8 HETMMining Profit (Daily) : 17.3 HETM

••••••• (2) Trade War